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Hey there, ambitious young minds!
Are you buzzing with ideas, eager to make your mark on the world, and ready to step into the exciting world of entrepreneurship? Then, EnerG Inc. is your launchpad!

Forget stuffy suits and corporate ladders. At EnerG, we believe in unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit within you. We’re not just a sales and marketing company; we’re a community of passionate mentors, skilled strategists, and fellow dreamers who understand your thirst to turn your ideas into reality.

Don’t let your dreams gather dust. At EnerG, we see the spark of greatness in you. Join us and let’s turn your entrepreneurial vision into a reality!
EnerG Inc can be your springboard to success!

Welcome to ENERG Inc.

EnerG Inc. isn’t just a company, it’s a journey. Led by our business head, Romiyo Johnson, we leverage the power of human connection to bridge the gap between your brand and your audience. But that’s just the beginning. Through our dedicated training and development, we ignite individual potential. Aspiring entrepreneurs find fertile ground to cultivate their skills and launch their own ventures. We equip them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the demanding corporate world, while simultaneously empowering them to become the architects of their own success.

At EnerG Inc., we believe everyone holds the spark of greatness. That’s why we go beyond merely providing resources – we offer unwavering support, fueling the journeys of both our employees and clients towards personal and professional fulfilment. So, if you seek a direct sales and marketing partner with a heart for empowerment, look no further. Our commitment to excellence, dedication to personal growth, creates a synergy that propels your business forward. Join us, energize your potential, and ignite your own abilities.


The energy that fuels our success: Meet the collaborative force behind EnerG Inc

ROMIYO Johnson

Business Head


HR Executive


Team Leader


Team Leader

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